How and Why, I started Its All Wraps?

I was given a therapeutic wrap as a gift and loved it! But eventually, it got to the point where it wasn’t holding heat for very long. So, I decided to take it apart to see what it was made of. It was simply filled with some type of corn. But what kind of corn? I decided to take a bag to the feed store to identify it. Thinking it was some kind of special corn, I found out it was simply deer corn.

So, I made myself one, then another for a friend and it continued from there. I opened my little booth in a craft store in 2010. I was selling out and sewing a lot, which caused me a lot of back pain. But the "Original" was difficult to use on my back. It needed to be structured to keep the corn in place, so I developed the "Large" heating pad and it worked wonders. It didn't take me long to find it worked cold, as well, on my torn Rotator Cuff. And it stayed in place. Since that day, every fall and winter I head out to the Holiday Craft Shows and continue spreading the word. It's by far, the greatest gift I've ever received.


These a few of our beautiful Heat Pads